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We're Not Really Strangers

Come Curious. Leave Connected

We're Not Really Strangers is about empowering people to make meaningful connections with others.


Connections Made


Countries Involved

What is the WNRS card game?

Do you really know your best friend? How well do you know your mother, or sister, or anyone close to you?

WNRS is a purpose driven card game. 3 carefully crafted levels that allow you to create a meaningful connection with friends, family, your boo, and even a complete stranger. Ready?

Level 1 Questions

Ever wonder what the people around you actually think about you? See what kind of first impression you give off.

Level 2 Questions

This level digs a little deeper… 50 original questions to ask a stranger. You may just hear something they’ve never shared with anyone else before.

Level 3 Questions

Let's reflect. Did your stranger surprise you? How close were your initial assumptions to the "truth". How well did they read you? Did you make a new friend?

Final card

You did it! Nows your chance to leave your stranger better than you found them.

Each player write a message to the other. Fold, and exchange. Open only once you two have parted.

Connect on the go.

Bring the WNRS game in your pocket. Perfect for first dates ;)

Questions are an art form.

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